Yao "The Hijacker" Bochkovski

A skilled engineer, Yao Bochkovski specializes in infiltrating enemy defenses and using their own technology against them.


Yao Bochkovski lived in relative opulence in the People’s Republic of China’s Ukrainian Province, a made man since birth amongst the powerful Slavik and Russian families in charge of the migrated Asian peasantry. His wealth allowed the boy to explore engineering, ranging from computing to robotics to physics. However, some supplies were beyond even the Bochkovski family’s reach, a concept all but foreign to Yao.

Perhaps for the first time, Yao achieved by way of his skills instead of his last name. He began breaking into various factories, universities, and corporations around the Ukraine. Yao’s boyhood, idle fascination found a new purpose: infiltration, breaking into elite organizations’ defense networks to unlock doors and turn off cameras, then taking advantage of whatever technology was inside to escape with a few treasures.

However, he was not always a success. Eventually, he was cornered inside a state-owned nuclear fusion research facility. Yao manipulated the fusion reactor to blow, causing a relatively small explosion that annihilated the building with two dozen security and police personnel while barely escaping the blast radius himself. Though previous failures had been only slaps on the wrist due in great part to his father’s influence, this deadly stunt got the serious and unstoppable attention of the People’s Republic’s Ministry of Public Security.

Bochkovski’s father, recognizing his son’s otherwise guaranteed execution, used his ties in the Union to send his son into their secretive care. He was quickly recognized as more than an office jockey and was put to work developing new tools for Union agents. Despite all odds and through the secret creation of an invisibility generator and a few timed explosions, Yao escaped the Union facility, making it several miles before being tracked down. The Union decided to let the young man out every once in a while as an agent to keep from a repeat of the incident.

Yao "The Hijacker" Bochkovski

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